ZMac Card

Are you protecting your crews from the hazards they encounter everyday? (delivery truck crashes, chemical suicide, unusual odor, hazardous materials incidents, etc.)

Will this card read what is in the air?

Resulting from a recent hazardous materials response in which first responding crews entered a haz mat scene equipped with a traditional 4 gas meter (O2, LEL, H2S, CO), we learned that these 4 gases, although important, do not tell the whole story... 

"An enhanced Emergency Response Guidebook, (ERG)", our patent pending ZMac card allows the first responder, to combine economical and user friendly detection methodology with an easy to read action card that establishes initial isolation distances and "preliminary" hot zones.  

A retrofit to existing ERG's makes this a much more complete package for anyone potentially tasked with responding to or inadvertently exposed to a hazardous materials incident.

This allows those "first in" responders to protect themselves and help begin the incident stabilization process, before they over engage.

Allow us to retrofit your existing ERG's or provide you with the whole package (ERG, protective sleeve, and our ZMac card)

ZMac Card product specification sheet

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John Zour,
Feb 26, 2014, 6:20 PM